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How To Clean Your Pizzelle Maker iron ( The Pizzelle Maker )

( The Pizzelle Maker )

Pizzelles are crispy Italian cookies made with little waffle-like irons. Pizzelle makers come in several varieties. There are stove-top irons, which closely resemble the original cast-iron pizzelle makers. These are difficult to use, but some people still prefer them for nostalgic reasons. There are also electric irons, which are more like modern waffle irons. You can buy electric irons with regular or non-stick surfaces. Many seasoned professionals prefer the regular surface over the non-stick surface because it lasts longer and makes crispier cookies. Regardless of which pizzelle maker you choose, it's important to keep it clean in order to make it last a long time.

If you are having trouble to clean the pizzelle maker iron, here some tips that might be usefull for you ;

A - Pizzelle Maker with a non-stick surface
1) Before you use a pizzelle maker with a non-stick surface, spray the surface with a little cooking oil spray, such as Pam.
2) If any bits of dough or batter stick to the surface, wipe them away with a cotton cloth.
3) After you have finished, wipe away any excess cooking spray with a paper towel or cotton cloth. Avoid using any type of metal utensil, such as a fork or knife, to remove pieces of cookie. Also, don't use abrasive pads like Scotch-brite on your pizzelle maker.
4) After the pizzelle maker is clean and dry, store it with a piece of paper towel folded between the irons

B - Pizzelle Maker with a regular surface
1) To make cleanup easier in the end, season your pizzelle maker before each use by rubbing a little shortening on the irons after it is hot. You can use a paper towel or a pastry brush to apply the shortening. This will keep the cookies from sticking in the crevices in the irons.
2) If the pizzelle maker is new, you may need to use the shortening before each batch of cookies for awhile
3) After you have finished making your cookies, remove any stuck-on batter or crumbs with a steel brush. If you don't have a steel brush, you can use the edge of a fork or knife to dig the pieces out of the crevices in the irons.
4) Wipe the irons down with a paper towel or cotton cloth to remove any excess oils or crumbs.
5) Once the pizzelle maker is clean and dry, store it with a piece of paper towel laid between the irons. This will help to avoid corrosion while it is in storage.

C - Cleaning an antique Pizzelle Maker ( cast iron )
1) Older pizzelle makers may require some cleaning before you can use them. If you notice any rust on the pizzelle maker, rub it with sandpaper until the rust is gone
2) Rub vegetable oil on the plates and then heat them on the stove for about 10 minutes. This will season the plates and get rid of any remaining rust.
3) After you've used the pizzelle maker, remove any superfluous batter or crumbs with a steel brush.
4) Oil the plates before storing them. As with the previous methods, store the pizzelle maker with a paper towel laid between the irons.

Enjoy making your yummy pizzelle!

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