Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Pizzelle Maker - How to use and season stovetop pizzelle iron

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Today I wanted to share some nice tips about how to season stovetop pizzelle maker. You can read original post at

It's easier to use a stovetop pizzelle iron if you adapt the ingredients of your batter recipe to create more of a dough. Often, you can do this by simply adding flour. Batters generally give you a lighter tasting pizzella, so experiment with your recipe.
To season the iron, coat the plates with a vegetable oil and heat on the stove for 5-10 minutes. Flip the iron every minute or so, to heat both sides evenly.
If using a dough recipe, roll pieces into small balls before placing on the plate and squeezing the handles shut. Start small to avoid a mess on your stove. Attach the handle clip to bake the pizzelle evenly thick.
For the first few pizzelle, add the batter or dough and cook for about 1 minute, turning the iron over every 15 seconds or so. As the iron gets hotter during baking, pizzelle will bake faster. Throw away the first few pizzelle, as they will have soaked up the excess oil from the seasoning.
Baking time will also vary from between about 20 and 60 seconds based on the temperature output of your burners. The direct heat of gas burners is generally hotter than the indirect heat from electric burners, but either will work well with a little patience and experimentation. If too hot, they bake unevenly; if too cool, they'll stick if you peek.
After baking, remove stuck-on food while still warm, and wipe surfaces with a cloth. Lightly oil the steel handles, to prevent them from rusting; if they rust, a light sanding and a little oil will restore their finish.

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