Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Pizzelle Maker - My recommendation.

There are many type of Pizzelle Maker in the market, but if you are looking for non-stick electric pizzelle maker, I really recommend you to try this model :

Maker : C. Palmer, USA

Model : #1000

The Palmer Electric Pizzelle Iron is the original electric Italian waffle cookie maker. Manufactured in West Newton, PA, the iron compliments and preserves the ornate Italian origin of the cherished pizzelle. The makers, C. Palmer Mfg., have a long standing reputation for manufacturing the best of the best in indoor and outdoor ironware toasters. This one is no exception.

The Model 1000 just so happens to be the most popular of the Palmer pizzelle irons. Not only does it pump out delicious pizzelles two at a time, but it does it with style - the internal press featuring traditional Italian designs.

Palmer pizzelle cookie irons are your best choice for making your very own delicious italian pizzelle cookies. These heavy duty cast pizzelle irons make two italian pizzelle cookies, have an automatic thermostat and come with a five year factory guarantee. Several great italian pizzelle cookie recipes are also included!

Try Palmer pizzelle maker. That's the only one I've used, but I really like it  : )

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